Indian Railways

Traveling via Indian railways is easier with its internet access now. Irctc government has produced its website that caters to people all over India to make bookings for ticket more feasible and smooth. There is also a guide for irctc rules and policies. Irctc site provides all the information regarding the tickets, booking and cancellations. Let us look at online services of irctc Indian railways. IRCTC e-Tickets It is simple to book a ticket in irctc railways all over the country. You just have to make a registration that is free of cost. Then you may login to the account you have registered with a password.

Indian Railways - Plan my Travel

A page with name ‘plan my travel and book tickets’ would appear. You may now fill in the required details about the stations you want to cover. You may select a train from the list appearing on the screen. There is also an option of ‘tatkal’ if you want to book tickets in emergency. You are always given two options for the type of tickets- I ticket or e ticket. I ticket means that you book tickets on internet and get the tickets delivered at your home. E tickets are much faster because you can take the print out of the irctc online ticket sent to you. After choosing the type of ticket, an irctc timetable appears for your journey. Note the accurate irctc timings and date. You may then look at the fare for the ticket, which is paid by the credit card or direct debit.

The fares list does not include the service charges of irctc organization. Then finally, you click on ‘book ticket’ button. You still have a chance to change your train. A ‘ticket Reservation page’ shows you the detailed list of train between the stations you choose. Check the name of train and stations. You may then, fill the details of passengers like name, age, sex and berth preferences. Details of tickets would appear on the screen and if you are satisfied, you may proceed with the payment options for the fare of the ticket. After successful steps of selection, booking and payment, you get the ticket with a printing option and you may take the printouts. Carrying apt identity proof with the irctc e-ticket is essential during the travel.

Indian Railways - Cancellation

Cancellation of tickets is also easier now. You can cancel the booked ticket four hours before the scheduled time of the train. After the chart of the train is prepared, you cannot get any refund of the ticket. You just need to login to the account and click the option of canceling ticket. The refund of fares would be backed to the credit card or other mean you paid through. If you cancel the ticket partially, there would be a fresh ticket allotment to you. Irctc Indian railways also provide the services on mobile phone. There is a proper guideline for the mobile services provided by irctc organization. If you choose for I-tickets, you may check the areas and pin codes covered for the tickets delivery.